Germany Customer Visit Yimake Machine Tool Factory

2019-09-15 10:18 admin
Germany Customer Visit Yimake Machine Tool Factory

On Aug. 19th 2019, Germany customer came over to Yimake Machine Tool factory for customized cnc lathe machine, customer have been engaged in rubber roller and related business in Europe for many years, the business is very success in Europe and America market, this was the first time they investigate China brand cnc lathe machine.
Yimake machine tool export department general manager accompanied customer to inspect the machining workshop and lathe machine productions; as customer used to purchase similar machine tools from European countries, the requirements of the machine is much higher than other customer, according to our further on production details, we decide to try our best to supply high standard machine tool to meet customer’s real demand, it is also good opportunity to upgrade the quality standard of our productions.



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